An accident is a situation, that while unfortunate, may be an occurrence that you as our customer find yourself in.  Here is a general outline of what to expect from start to finish in the Collision Repair Process.  

- Upon onsite arrival of your vehicle, we will generate a Repair Order and obtain all pertinent information to begin the process
- From here we will have one of our factory trained technicians diagnose the severity of the damage and check over all related 
  damage to ensure nothing unexpected presents itself later in the process
- Once a diagnosis is completed, our technicians will repair the vehicle based on the agreed upon terms between yourself and 
  your insurance provider
- Upon completion of those repairs, the vehicle will then be taken through our Paint Department where once again, our factory
  trained paint technicians review the vehicle to diagnose any further problems
- Once that is complete, we will apply primer then color to the affected panels and bake the painted components until dry
- Next is our polish and finesse process- unfortunately there will always be tiny imperfections in the paint, but our polish team is 
  here to remove all of those blemishes in painted panels
- Next, the vehicle will be reassembled and our team will verify all items are installed and functioning properly
- The vehicle will then be taken to our detail department where our team will clean any mess left behind (in the event of a glass
  breakage, the vehicle will be gone over extensively to ensure all areas including vents, cracks, etc. are safe from debris)
- Now that the detailing process has been completed, our staff will test drive the vehicle, check all lighting and functionality of
  repaired components to ensure all is safe and sound

Now that the vehicle is complete, the last step in the process is to provide you with a seamless transition in picking the vehicle up.  While an accident is always an unfortunate situation, we hope we can put your mind at ease and get you back on the road with peace of mind that the job has been completed correctly!